NETSTONE Top cucina in marmo, quarzite, granito e pietra naturale
NETSTONE Top cucina in marmo, quarzite, granito e pietra naturale

in marble, granite or quartzite, how to choose the right one

Tailored-made versatility for the customer, for a unique and personalised project.
The kitchen is often the most lived-in room in the house, both to be lived on your own or with family
and friends. This room is usually custom-designed by architects or interior designers, trying to
imagine how it will be actually used by the customer. In the kitchen design great attention must be
given to the material of the countertop made in marble, granite, quartzite or other natural
stone, due to the fact that the kitchen is the most exposed part of the house, and usually also
the busiest one.


One of the perks of marble and other natural stone is "Versatility", as you can use them in
settings guided by different styles. Especially nowadays that the contamination between different
languages, gives uniqueness and character to projects, in which design and furnishing often play

with contrasts, which, interpenetrating with each other, fill the spaces with new expressive
A noble and classic material such as marble enhances a modern, beautiful, technological and
functional kitchen in respect of a balance and a final harmony of the project.

The marble kitchen top can be the game-changer between classic and modern, exploiting the
many colours and veins offered by nature, for a unique final result, and an evergreen style.

NETSTONE cucina in pietra naturale


Before talking about the aesthetic aspects, let's see the functional ones that guide their choice in
the kitchen:

Strength. Natural stone, marble and granite are eternal, they transform over time, they live with us,
but they have a timeless duration. They can undergo changes and variations over the years, but
they have always represented a timeless elegance.
Hygiene and Cleanliness. Marble and natural stone can be cleaned quickly, mainly using mild
soap and water.


The reflections and chromatic variations of the kitchen countertop made of marble will give
brightness and brilliance to your kitchen.
The word marble comes from the ancient Greek μάρμαρον (mármaron) or μάρμαρος (mármaros),
meaning "shining stone". The light is able to penetrate the surface of the stone – thanks to the low
refraction of calcite – and then be reflected.


Nature provides us with an incredible range of colours, veins and unique effects. Each slab is unique in the world, a masterpiece of nature, and it is therefore possible to choose the one that best suits the customer’s view, giving the project uniqueness and customisation. Each marble
kitchen worktop will be a unique, one-off piece.
Here is a selection of the main materials used for kitchen countertops and their colours:

BIANCO CARRARA marble, characterized by a white background with discontinuous grey
CALACATTA marble, with a white background crossed by grey, brown and golden veins
BOTTICINO marble with a warm beige colour
NERO MARQUINA marble, black with white veins
ABSOLUTE BLACK granite, the black par excellence for kitchens
BRECCIA IMPERIALE quartzite, chocolate brown with thin veins
NEGRESCO quartzite, anthracite grey and veins
PIETRA LUSERNA, silvery grey
… and many more


The finishes mainly used for kitchen countertops are:
Polished, with a shiny, reflective surface
Honed, with a matt surface and uniform to the touch
Leather finish, a matt finish soft to the touch
Flamed and brushed, with a carved and rustic effect (typical granite finish)
Traditionally, the thickness most used in kitchen worktops was 3 cm. Nowadays 3 cm slabs are still
utilized, although 2 cm thickness is often preferred to give greater visual lightness to the

A kitchen worktop in marble, granite or other natural stone lives over time, it transforms with us
precisely because it is natural, but its imperfections become a distinctive and unique trait.
Generally, the kitchen countertop, before the installation on site, is treated with specific stain-resistant treatments. Since it is a natural material, however, it is good to have some caution with it: some materials are sensitive to acids (lemon, vinegar, wine …), others to oily substances.
Therefore, it is always better to promptly clean the top, removing these substances and avoiding any deposit on the surface.
For its cleaning, it is good to apply natural and delicate solutions, not aggressive ones, using a soft cloth with hot water and mild soap, and then drying up the top immediately to avoid water marks.

NETSTONE granite quarzite marmo


In addition to the implications of design and aesthetics, the choice of the top depends on how the customer uses and lives the kitchen, in particular how much they will “stress” the worktop on a daily basis, in the use of knives, rolling pins, hot pots and other tools.


Granite is the choice for those who want a beautiful aesthetic effect but, at the same time, a great
functionality. The granite top can be made in different colours and, over time, will be more resistant
to scratches, oils and acids. It is the right solution for those who will use the kitchen a lot and for
those who pay attention to functionality and practicality.
Its compact morphological structure gives it strength and durability, making it a functional
alternative to marble.


Quartzites combine the aesthetic beauty of marble with the resistance of granite: they have a
morphological structure similar to granite that guarantees its sturdiness, and colours and veins
reminiscent of marble. They have different varieties of colour, thus adapting to every taste.
Because of their chromatic variety and aesthetic elegance, quartzites represent a modern and
innovative alternative to the traditional granite used in kitchen countertops.


A marble kitchen countertop is certainly more delicate than a top made of granite or quartzite. The
aesthetic impact is remarkable, there are multiple colours, and the veins are refined and elegant. A
top of great aesthetic impact but which certainly requires care in use, especially for its delicacy
against acids and oily substances.
Therefore, it is always better to clean the top immediately, removing these substances and
avoiding their deposition on the surface.

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