“The company Marmi Remuzzi operates in the field of design, processing and installation of natural stone: marble, stone and granite. The activity began in 1907 and has continued to this day, being handed down for four generations, who have developed it keeping it always updated over time. There are many achievements, both in the public and private sectors, that have contributed to the company’s growth from the post-war period to the present day. Currently, offices and laboratory work on an equipped area of about 6,000 square meters. The evolution of the techniques of excavation and processing of materials, the search for new raw materials (there are more than two hundred types of worked stone) and changes in architecture and art have always influenced the life of the company characterising its development and pushing for a constant work of innovation. This attention to novelty and change is combined with the desire to maintain an activity that boasts a thousand-year history, such as that of stone processing. From this point of view, the particular interest in the new in art, taste and technology must also be interpreted.”

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