“The company Speranza Fratelli srl was founded in 1958 and since then has been a guarantee of absolute quality and seriousness. Three generations of professionals specialised in the sale, with imports from all over the world, of marble, granite and stone and engaged in design and processing. The forefather was Cesare, marble worker and sculptor, then the brothers Augusto, Franco and Piero and finally the female side of the company with Paola and Anna. The commitment is all-round, from flooring to cladding, from the exterior to the interior of the houses with special attention to the furnishing elements, especially taken care of by the architect and designer Paola, who has created a collection of objects for the home, the table and the kitchen in marble. The fusion of design, quality and nature has led to the creation of a new and original collection of contemporary objects, born from the love transmitted by the family for marble as a natural, living and always different element. The uniqueness and variety of the objects created specifically for customers is given precisely by the material that with authentic veins and colours creates unique pieces, always different and original.”

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