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slab processing The quality of the project is in the raw material

Knowing the main processes that are carried out on the slabs provides some cultural background
that is useful for recognising and selecting a high quality raw material.
The choice of marble or natural stone slab for your project is a decision that has a significant
impact on the final product.

Here are the main processes carried out on the surface, which take place after cutting.
There are also several finishes that use recent technological inventions to create very unusual
textures in terms of both look and touch (animal print effect, jute, rock, striped, wood and others).


A process that makes the slabs perfectly flat and the same thickness across the entire surface. It is achieved by removing excess material from a slab whose surface is not perfectly coplanar.


The last and final stage of the processes that can be carried out on the natural material slabs. This process makes the plates bright and reflective, enhancing their colours, chromatic variations and natural veins.

For indoors


It makes the surface matte and attenuates the colour features of the various materials.

For indoors and outdoors


It makes the surface matte and is characterised by an effect that is soft to the touch. It is also known as “Leather effect” or “eggshell”. There may be slight differences in final outcome depending on the type of material, but in general it is a very elegant finish in terms of both aesthetics and feel.

For indoors and outdoors


“Orange peel” effect finish with anti-slip properties. It is not always feasible for all materials.

For outdoors


It make it possible to obtain an irregular, rough, non-slip surface. It is not always feasible for all materials.

For indoors and outdoors


It makes it possible to obtain a rough, non-slip surface with a sandblasted effect. It is not always feasible for all materials.

For outdoors

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